Julia Rommel


oil on linen
21 x 15 inches

Julia Rommel’s works exist as both painterly surfaces and physical objects. Rommel’s signature approach to making a painting involves multiple foldings and stretchings of the canvas, often over larger stretchers as the painting progresses. This process produces geometric compositions clearly connected to the painting’s support – not unlike Frank Stella’s iconic Minimal stripe paintings – though in Rommel’s case the painting is the result of the progressive evolution of the work that can be seen in odd raised areas and stripes on the front that used to be the side or back of the painting. Rommel’s style is equally known for its beautiful sense of color, seen here in the sky blue rectangles framed by bold, primary colors. Rommel’s work is in the collections of MoMA, New York; the Whitney Museum, New York; Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.