Harmony Hammond


monotype on twinrocker paper with metal grommets
47 x 33 1/2 inches

A leading figure in the queer and feminist art movements, Harmony Hammond fashions her monochromatic work from repurposed materials (most recently straps and grommets) and embraces the imperfections of these objects in her process. The holes in her recent works, like the one seen here, imply bodily wounds or openings that break apart the smooth surface and the modernist grid she often utilizes. The physical presence of White Rims #3 is also emphasized by grommets and the paper’s raw edge. By including these elements, Hammond allows the materials to reveal themselves differently than in her earlier, more sculptural works. “The sculptural elements changed as my conceptual interest shifted from the surface to the underside, the space not usually seen (unless it asserts itself or is exposed). Sculptural or relief elements such as straps, flaps, and pushpins that extend the painting surface out into the world are in conversation with the holes or orifices and the secret, buried, or muffled spaces below.”

© harmony hammond/licensed by vaga, new york