Emilia Momen


oil on canvas
59 x 43 1/2 inches

I capture certain people that I want to be surrounded by in my life, they can be people I have come across on the street, friends, lovers, or family. I am fascinated by their particular sense of style, if I feel it accurately expresses them as a person. My way of getting to know them is through studying them during the painting process. My work is a documentation of experiences I have had in my daily life in this world. – Emilia Momen

In Ralph in Adidas, Momen captures the subject in a casual stance wearing matching Adidas leisure pants and jacket. Ralph’s shadow reflects the yellow and black stripes of the attire and expresses Momen’s feelings about Ralph’s swagger and style as he moves through the world. Momen was born and works in London. She has studied life drawing at Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence and Fashion Styling at Polimoda. Exhibitions include Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, London.