Francesca Mollett


oil on calico
51 1/8 x 59 inches

Francesca Mollett makes abstract paintings that react to space and context. Her works are reflections of light and surface formed through a fluid yet precise process. Compositions evolve by extracting observations from an image, which transforms in a practice of analyzing the shifting passages of paint as tension between luminosity and solidity develops. Often influenced by literature, Mollett reveals a deep relationship between the ethos of life and of time, elusive and unable to be articulated through representation alone. In this, abstraction—through color and texture—becomes an attentive way of considering these affinities. In many of her works, we see organic subjects rendered, so their defining details of difference dissolve into new yet familiar grounds. Through this careful balance of specificity Mollett’s practice invites us into spaces of desire, understanding, and candid encounter.

Mollett’s work has been featured in numerous group shows including New British Abstraction, CICA, Vancouver; Considering Female Abstractions, Green Family Art Foundation, Dallas; Sabrina, curated by Russell Tovey, Sim Smith, London; New Romantics, The Artist Room at Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul; Down in Albion at L.U.P.O. Lorenzelli Projects, Milan; Le coeur encore, The approach, London; and Diaries of a Climate, Baert Gallery, Los Angeles. Her work can be found in the Green Family Art Foundation, Dallas; He Art Museum, Foshan; Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami; Kunstmuseum, The Hague; The Rachofsky Collection, Dallas; The Roberts Institute of Art, London; and The University of Oxford, St Hilda’s College Art Collection, amongst others.

[excerpted from Grimm website:]