Dominique Fung


oil on linen
18 x 24 inches

Brooklyn-based painter Dominique Fung constructs dreamscapes that chronicle imagined worlds, sea voyages, and Orientalist interiors. In Tusk, Fung’s creature emerges from primordial ooze with the suggestion of a tusk and trunk, engulfed in pieces of coral or stick segments and a single human hand. The seemingly downtrodden gaze of the organism invites pity and wonder, and Fung’s glowing amber light and Rembrandt-like painting style imbue the surreal with dignity. Fung says, “I definitely use sensuous tones and glossy finishes but also humor and the uncanny as a mechanism to draw the viewer into the painting.” Born in Ottawa, Canada, Fung has shown her work in solo and groups presentations in the US, Canada, and Europe.