Rosson Crow


acrylic, spray paint, photo transfer, oil, and enamel on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Over a century since the declared closure of the frontier, the idea of the West as a symbol of freedom has persistently loomed large in the American psyche. In this surreal and hallucinogenic series of paintings, Rosson Crow harnesses her signature maximalist approach to confront the selective nostalgia of American history. Challenging the fetishization of the mythic American cowboy, these large-scale and immersive canvases present the Western landscape through a fun house mirror of projected mythologies, dreams, and anxieties. In a landscape so inextricably tied to ideals of freedom, in a narrative which so seldom held a place for women, Rosson Crow offers us an alternative vision of the American West.

[excerpted from Honor Fraser Gallery website:]

Born in Dallas, Crow lives and works in LA, and received her MFA from Yale University. She has taken part in solo and group exhibitions across the US and Europe, including her 2009 Focus show at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.