Rebecca Manson


porcelain, glaze, adhesives, fiberglass, steel, and concrete
62 x 20 x 16 inches

Through her meticulously built, playfully composed ceramic works, LA-based Rebecca Manson meditates on nature and the passage of time. Like many of her works that depict plants, Late Morning Poppies exists as a contemporary still life, carrying with it all the allegorical potential of the art historical genre. Here, one flower rises up, petals open, while the other appears to still be weighed down with morning dew, setting up a contrast in the bonded pair. Manson juxtaposes the beauty and fragility of the plant with a broken, debris-filled pot as the sculpture’s base. Manson has shown her work at venues in the US and UK, and her work is in The Rachofsky Collection, Dallas; Arsenal Contemporary Collection, Montreal; and The Bunker Collection, Palm Beach.