Emma McIntyre


oil and oil stick on linen
18 x 16 inches

New Zealand-born, LA-based Emma McIntyre’s canvases overflow with color and gesture. Petal against Petal shows the artist’s full range of paint application techniques – calligraphic lines, masked areas, thickly daubed paint, and dry oil stick marks – coming together in a dynamically sweet floral still life that exudes material sensuality in its abstract passages. In 2019, McIntyre was awarded a Fulbright General Graduate award to study an MFA at ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena. Selected exhibitions include: Heat, Mossman, Wellington; The Blue of it, 21 Shaddock St, Auckland; Memory Disco, Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington; Rose on Red, Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington; Pink Square Sways, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland; A Trip to the Beach, Play_station, Wellington; and Painting: A Transitive Space, ST Paul St Gallery Three, Auckland.