Cindy Ji Hye Kim


graphite and ink on pulp, pressed flowers, artist's hair, and baltic birch
43 x 15 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches

Delicate, mysterious, and deeply personal, Korean-born Cindy Ji Hye Kim’s works merge the artist’s personal biography with more universal notions of memory and history. Memory in Disguise features a small work on paper resting on an easel. For Kim, the easel is symbol of artistic discipline. Kim presses her own hair and dried flowers into the paper pulp as a way to embed a sense of life and time into the typically anonymous art material. The drawing in this small work depicts a burning book, an image that – one might imply from the title – questions the authority of books and information as carriers (and creators) of individual and collective memory. Kim’s works have been in solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad, and her work is in the collections of The University of Chicago, Illinois; Collection Majudia, Canada; Sifang Art Museum, China; and Rhode Island School of Design, Providence.