Trevon Latin


fabric, sequins, beads, and barrettes
44 x 40 inches

Trevon Latin’s assemblage works mix high and low materials in surprising ways.

Born in Houston in 1987, Trevon Latin is a multimedia artist whose work seeks to engender narrative and world-making through the media of painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. In his application of textures, such as sequined cloth, found textiles, and canvas, the artist creates compositions that develop avatars and personas from virtual reality, queer nightlife, mythology and the artist’s own visage as a transformative palette. The resulting creations blend futurity and fantasy, mythology and religion, creating landscapes where the characters portrayed exist in a state of becoming.

Latin received his BFA from the University of Houston, Texas in 2011, before receiving an MFA from Yale University’s department of Painting and Printmaking in 2020. The artist lives and works in New York, NY.

[excerpted from Perrotin website:]