Veronika Pausova


oil on canvas
18 x 15 inches

Veronika Pausova’s recent paintings bring together constellations of everyday elements, body parts, and other objects. Pausova positions hyper-realistic flowers, buzzing flies, utensils, oranges, shower heads, and individually rendered water drops within fields of abstraction. Each object is rendered with a precise attention to detail contrasting with the artist’s experimental treatment of surfaces, processes that are sometimes referential but often enigmatic… The independent body parts in Pausova’s paintings – eyes, hands, noses, and knees – aren’t instructional, they seem at once linked to us yet disembodied and unencumbered by the physical rules of the world.

[excerpted from Simone Subal gallery website:, written by Clara Halpern]

Veronika Pausova was born in 1987 in Prague, and currently lives and works in Toronto.