Tom Anholt


oil on canvas
75 x 59 inches

Berlin-based, British artist Tom Anholt pulls from painting styles and techniques from the past, likening his approach to “huge loops that suck in 5,000 years of art history and rotate back to today.” The result is a unique visual style that appears both naïve and folkloric. Patterns, perspectives, and figures shift in unreal ways, hinting at a metaphorical, lyrical world, seen here in Kopfkino, a German word meaning literally “head cinema,” but perhaps better translated as “imagination” or “mind’s eye.” As suggested by the title, the figure at lower right imagines a scene in the house below, which is projected in monochrome color out onto the night sky. Anholt is a graduate of the Chelsea College of Art. He has been the subject of solo exhibitions at EIGEN + ART, Berlin and Leipzig; Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul; and Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen.