Shahryar Nashat


uv print on hydrocal, gesso, rubber, and powder-coated steel
42 1/2 x 34 1/8 x 2 inches

Shahryar Nashat’s work possesses a unique ability to make the viewer aware of the complexities and contradictions of the human body. Through his video, installation, sculptures, and 2D works, he tackles the myriad ways we understand our physical self in a contemporary, technology-driven world. In this untitled work from 2019, a pale pink x-ray image is disrupted by a glitched line running down the side. In the warm, oddly antiseptic hue, the image appears as ghostly reminder of the inside of the body, only accessible through technology and somehow both beautiful and alien at the same time. Nashat has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Swiss Institute in New York; Kunsthalle Basel; Portikus, Frankfurt; and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, among others.