Dave Muller


acrylic on paper
84 x 36 inches

The artist will paint a commissioned “portrait” from a list of the winning bidder’s top ten record albums according to his/her physical height. The paper size remains the same (84 x 36 inches), while the height of the tallest album rendition is equal to the winning bidder’s height. The image shown is solely an example of a commissioned portrait from an anonymous collector.

LA-based artist Dave Muller celebrates the long-lost world of the vinyl LP, and the all-important album cover with its cultural resonance and fusion of the visual and the musical. He does this not by overtly copying but by showing us the binders of LP covers containing the name of the band and the title of the album. With his meticulous watercolor technique, Muller has offered to make a work similar to this one that will be based on the buyer’s own top ten favorite albums. Muller will create a portrait, not from someone’s face but from their most cherished musical memories and enthusiasms. In addition to his work at AT&T Stadium and the Dallas Museum of Art, Muller’s work is in the collection of the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the LA MoCA, Los Angeles; MoMA, New York; SFMoMA, San Francisco; and the Whitney Museum, New York, among many others.