Ryan Mosley


oil on linen on board
20 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches

The characters Ryan Mosley creates for his works appear to inhabit a separate world, situated within an unknown narrative that only their facial expressions give clues to. Where Mosely’s canvases used to be the stage for his subjects, the background of his more recent work seems to invade the person’s physical being. Here, the entrancing combination of soft pastels and vibrant blues and golds swirl behind a woman, evoking mid-century design and geometric abstraction. The woman’s blunt haircut reflects each of these hues, as does her patterned clothing. She beams a smile to someone out of frame, her captivating expression radiating out of the canvas like the circular shapes behind her. Based in Sheffield, UK, Mosley has exhibited his paintings in solo and group exhibitions worldwide.