Fernanda Fragateiro


stainless steel support and cut architecture magazine: abitare
8 5/8 x 12 x 2 inches

I began by cutting up a book and in this operation I found a drawing. It was not my hand that made it but rather my action that set off the discovery. The drawing contained within the book became visible. – Fernanda Fragateiro

Portuguese artist Fernanda Fragateiro engages with the history of modernism by rethinking its core tenets in her use of archival material, spatial interventions, and investigations into its famous writers and artists. Created from cut sections of the Milan-based design magazine Abitare, this work is from a series where she destroys magazines and books, reassembling the segments into sculptural drawings. By revealing the modernist compositions within the literature, Fragateiro accentuates material objects over abstract thought. Fragateiro is well represented in public and private collections, and has exhibited in Europe and the US.