Derek Fordjour

NO. 51

oil, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, cardboard, and carved newspaper mounted on canvas
30 x 24 x 1 1/4 inches

Derek Fordjour has said his work is:

…fundamentally concerned with an exploration of vulnerability. As both an artist and marginalized person in society, I am keenly aware of my sense of agency. Much akin to the plight of a player situated within an individual or collective game, knowledge of the rules, the acquisition and development of skill and an adept application of both are critical to one’s survival.

In NO. 51, an African American athlete appears in an uncommonly solitary moment, back turned and surrounded by branches. The cardboard and newspaper add visual texture, but also tie the work to the information and associations of the materials (ie: daily life or the passage of time). Sensitive and beautifully painted, Fordjour’s work is an exquisite portrait of an unknown person. Fordjour’s work has been exhibited in shows in the US and Europe. Two of his works recently entered the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art.