Ettore Spalletti


color impasto on board and gold leaf
59 x 59 x 1 9/16 inches

Since the 1960s, Ettore Spalletti has used a sparse, geometric language to make work that deals with an experience of space, materials, and light. Recent works feature paint applied in layers at the same time each day to capture a tone that conjures the quality of a moment in time, be it an hour or season. Here, an azure blue field is bordered on three sides by gold leaf, creating a radiant, ethereal space. The result is an atmospheric painting that possesses a quiet beauty, offering a purely visual experience and a meditative space for the viewer. Spalletti’s work has been shown internationally for decades, and his pieces have been included in numerous exhibitions, including documentas 7 and 9, and Skulpture Projekt, Münster.