John Currin


portfolio of seven etchings with aquatint and drypoint on kochi nb paper, contained in a muse cotton paper folder and the original leather bound portfolio box
18 x 14 1/2 inches each
edition 27 of 45 + 5 AP and 2 PP

John Currin first rose to fame in the 1990s with his eroticized depictions of voluptuous, nude women painted in a style evocative of 16th and 17th century Northern European paintings. For this portfolio of seven etchings, Currin worked with Japanese printmaker Hitoshi Kido to translate a selection of paintings from his successful and, at times, controversial career. The prints demonstrate Currin’s talent for composition and his sense of humor along with the tonal range found in his oeuvre – prototypical women appear mischievous and vapid, but also troubled and lost in thought. Currin work can be found in institutions around the world.

Image shown is one of the seven etchings.
© john currin