Suzanne Blank Redstone


wood, aluminum, and acrylic paint
24 x 24 x 2 inches

One day…I painted a thin edge of a painting yellow. I saw that the edge glowed and created a halo of light revealed by the white wall behind it. The amount of light coming off the surface seemed out of proportion to the thin line of colour. I was intrigued by this and increasingly became interested in the light coming off the painting rather than colour on the two-dimensional surface. I wanted to make visible this ephemeral light, the space between things rather than the things themselves. – Suzanne Blank Redstone

Since 1970, British artist Suzanne Blank Redstone has worked on her Lightcatcher series. Her sculptures, like the one seen here, are manufactured environments designed to interact with the ambient lighting in the gallery, the home, or outdoors. Concentric curves trap light within channels and reflect the colorful, painted edges of each aluminum strip. Straight on, the work seems to magically glow with a rainbow of color and shadow, and from the side, the simplicity of the design and its process are made visible.