Johannes VanDerBeek


aqua-resin, fiberglass, steel, clay, silicone, and paint
48 x 31 x 2 inches

Following the birth of his daughter, Johannes VanDerBeek became interested in how humans see and comprehend the world as they move through stages of growth and development. Infants perceive the world in general terms, and as their eyes slowly develop, and language is added, their understanding of the world becomes more detailed and nuanced. The Lost Poet is from a series of cast wall works inspired by these ideas that incorporate primitive marks made of resin and clay. As an image, the information in the work is in a state of formation, with shapes not quite coalescing into concrete imagery. For the viewer, these works require slow looking and offer a moment to reflect on the nature of vision, perception, and knowledge. VanDerBeek’s work has been included in group exhibitions throughout the US.