Alberto Biasi


pvc and acrylic on panel
31 1/2 x 23 2/3 inches

A major figure in post-war Italian art, Alberto Biasi uses paint, PVC, mirrors, and light to challenge viewer’s perception in his kinetic art. Static works, like Ovale Di Colombo, vibrate with movement and energy through Biasi’s repetition of simple, geometric forms. The spiraling PVC on the white oval forces shadows and highlights to continuously alternate, appearing to move through the act of viewing. Ovale Di Colombo’s dynamism and energy radiate from the center of the composition, and reveal the artist’s interest in Italian Futurism and pursuit of creating abstract works that contain a realistic sense of movement. Biasi first garnered attention in the 1960s Italy for founding Gruppo N, and is seen as a pioneer figure in the field of Op Art.