Laddie John Dill


argon and glass
84 x 1/2 inches

A member of the 1970s Light and Space movement, LA-based artist Laddie John Dill produces sculptural pieces from a mix of natural and industrial materials that alter their surroundings and challenge the viewer’s perception of space. Part of a recreated installation from 1971, Light Sentence uses the alternating intervals of light, color, and darkness to suggest words and phrases strung together and in conversation with one another and the viewer. The vertical custom-made glass tube extends past the viewer and up the wall, with the colored tubular segments glowing like a rainbow of jewels. The varying wavelengths of each color emit different glows that radiate from the column and reflect off of the supporting wall and into the interior space. Dill gives the sculpture a unique cadence by forming an interior rhythm in the length of each color, moments of transition into another hue, and the abrupt strips of dark voids.