Annie Lapin


oil on linen
30 x 24 inches

Annie Lapin’s work contains a dynamic mix of traditional painterly techniques and brightly-hued, abstract passages. In The Patterning Deep, Lapin structures the painting’s composition as a classical landscape, with tree-like shapes framing the edges and a deep, receding space in the center. Her color palette feels otherworldly, though, and the shapes and objects fade in and out of focus, while space expands and contracts. This set-up and subversion of visual conventions generates a dynamic, complicated work that rewards slower looking. Lapin’s exhibitions include the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena; Torrance Art Museum; and Grand Arts, Kansas City. Public collections that include her work are Zabludowicz Collection, London; High Museum of Art, Atlanta; and Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park.