Florian Schmidt


vinyl, acrylic gel, lacquer, cardboard, canvas, and wood
82 5/8 x 59 x 8 5/8 inches

In Florian Schmidt’s Ribbon painting series, the artist builds on circular cut-outs of canvas, extrapolating on them in space as they morph and push out from the canvas. Schmidt’s construction is loose – cardboard shapes fill in the holes as they become three-dimensional and pieces of wood seem to have been added as the artist altered the painting and added space to the work. This element of bricolage and a monochromatic color palette suggest an analytical work where the artist (and the viewer) is making discoveries about painting, sculpture, perception, and dimension in the realm of art. Florian Schmidt was born in 1980 in Raabs & Thaya, Austria. He studied at the College of Fine Arts, Hamburg. He has exhibited extensively throughout Europe including Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna; Ancient and Modern, London; and New Galerie, Paris. Schmidt currently lives and works in Berlin.