Thilo Heinzmann


oil and pigment on canvas behind plexiglass cover
54 1/4 x 58 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches

German artist Thilo Heinzmann continues Modernism’s breaking-down and reevaluation of the act of painting. In his recent work, he uses pigment powder – color in its purest form. Heinzmann limits the paint and pigment application to one single movement per canvas; his techniques involve handwork or the use of special instruments, both combined with streams of air, resulting in a quiet, yet gestural work. Through these processes, his beautiful canvases seem to balance the properties of air (rather than liquid, as in traditional oil painting), a conceptual look at art history, and a dose of Dadaist chance. Heinzmann will be included in the upcoming group show Masterpieces of Painting in the IVAM Collection: Past, Present and Future at IVAM Institut Valencia d’Art Modern. He has shown extensively in Europe at Galerie Guido Baudach, Berlin; Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich; Carl Freedman Gallery, London; and Galeria Heinrich Erhardt, Madrid. His work has recently been acquired by the Tate Gallery Collection in the UK.