Oscar yi Hou


ink on 60g croquis paper
12 x 9 1/4 inches

My name in Chinese refers to an idiom or chengyu involving a bird cry, which is why I use birds as self-signifiers throughout my practice. A lot of my poetry involves flight or birds—there’s a promise of freedom and boundlessness. – Oscar yi Hou

Oscar yi Hou was born in Liverpool to Cantonese immigrants and received his BA at Columbia University in New York. His work is a deeply personal, ever-evolving universe of symbols and text from the cultures and experiences that make up his life. His body of work called poem-pictures features thick washes and brushstrokes of ink that convey diaristic images and words that are often indecipherable, though their urgency remains through yi Hou’s expressive ink application. Yi Hou’s work has been included in exhibitions at T293 Gallery, Rome; James Fuentes Online; Sprüth Magers Online; Asia Society, New York; Tong Art Advisory, New York; Half Gallery, New York; Rachel Uffner, New York; Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles; and the Royal Academy, UK.