Joanne Greenbaum


acrylic, flashe, oil, and marker on canvas
72 x 70 inches

You can be structured and loose at the same time. You can be serene and angry at the same time. Those things all work together, it’s not like you’re one or you’re the other. I think my paintings and drawings really speak to that without being schizophrenic. – Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne Greenbaum confidently mixes styles, colors, and mediums in her process-based abstract paintings. In Untitled, a bold network of orange and black shapes climb the canvas, cleanly delineated with sharp lines and exaggerated angles before pooling together and mixing into a medley of colors. Greenbaum’s strokes of acrylic, flashe, oil and ink drip, coil, and bleed into each other, suggesting the gestures of abstract expressionism and the process of automatic drawing. Greenbaum’s paintings and sculptures have been included in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in the US and Europe. In 2018, the Tufts University Art Galleries at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston hosted Joanne Greenbaum: Things We Said Today, a solo exhibition that travelled to the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.