Peter Ligon


oil on panel
11 x 14 inches

Peter Ligon regularly paints from the cab of his truck, capturing moments composed of light, architecture, and nature often in one sitting. The fleeting nature of his scenes—light cascading across a rooftop, the angle of a shadow framing a building, a pattern of dappled shapes—can be seen in the urgency and precision of his paint application. Thicker bands of color block out passages like buildings, sky, and asphalt, while smaller daubs of color add charges of energy to the details, seen here in the cool geometric composition of Two Garages 3. Ligon is a founding resident of the artist run studio cooperative Shamrock Hotel Studios in Dallas. He currently teaches drawing, art appreciation, printmaking, and painting variously at University of Texas at Dallas, Eastfield Community College, and SMU. Ligon’s work has been shown at venues throughout Texas.