Alicia Adamerovich


oil on linen over panel
24 x 36 inches

Alicia Adamerovich explores the tensions between strength and fragility, industry and nature, static and breathing. She abstracts feelings in order to produce forms at the cross section of organic and illusory. Elements of science fiction and alienation encroach upon Adamerovich’s practice, ultimately mediated by her desires for connection and provocation…The paintings are conceived in four to five layers, initially entered through “maybes” and projected desires. Colors develop with each layer and many changes occur in service of getting the lighting just right. Throughout this process, each composition morphs into a specific “mood.” She injects a granular element by introducing pumice and sand into the mix. Surfaces are built up, encoding time, and producing a dimensional element.

[text by Reilly Davidson, excerpted from the artist’s website:]

Adamerovich received her Bachelors of Design from Pennsylvania State University in 2013. Adamerovich has been a recipient of several residencies including the Del Vaz Projects Residency, Los Angeles; Moly Sabata Artist Residency, Albert Gleizes Foundation, Sablons; and Palazzo Monti Residency, Brescia. Her work has been included in exhibitions throughout France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Canada.