Jeronimo Elespe


acrylic, ink, and pencil on linen
15 x 9 7/8 inches

Memory and fantasy are themes Jeronimo Elespe explores in his works. Often taking years to complete, he relies on his memory of the subject to compose and create his paintings. Sanar depicts an adult woman with an intense and captivating stare, holding, or perhaps presenting, her remedy to cure the viewer’s ailment. Variations of red, blue, and black, applied in a hybrid impressionism and pointillism style, create the background landscape. The face and hands appear through these magical and abstracted surroundings, as if in a dream or reappearing memory. Elespe lives and works in Madrid. He earned an MFA from Yale University and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY. His work is included in the collections of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; Francis Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs; and the Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid.