Alexandra Barth


acrylic on canvas
15 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches

After a relocation to Italy, Alexandra Barth created a series of paintings to explore her new surroundings. Pink Bathroom is an arrangement of shadows and geometric shapes seen from a forced bird’s-eye perspective. A singular white, diamond-shaped tile on the floor’s surface mimics the triangular edge of the sink’s pedestal, sitting below a rectangular medicine cabinet that appears to be disproportionately located on the wall, an expression of Barth’s unfamiliarity with her new space. Barth was born in Malacky, Slovakia and lives and works in Zohor, Slovakia and Sanguinetto, Verona. Recent solo exhibitions include Phoinix and HotDock project space, Bratislava; Urban gallery, Pescara; and Chris Sharp, Los Angeles. Recent group exhibitions include Photoport, Temporary Parapet, and White & Weiss, Bratislava, Slovakia.