Yifan Jiang


oil on canvas
72 x 50 inches

Tiny pieces of sensations, sounds, tastes, temperatures, and pulls of gravity clustered to form past versions of myself, reflecting past versions of the world…At one point, these sensations were real and felt by the bones, yet as they slip into the past, these specific instances seem unlikely to have happened at all. The paintings are detailed records of a dozen ephemeral feelings captured before they migrate to a remote corner of my mind. – Yifan Jiang

Project-based artist Yifan Jiang is often inspired by her own memories and how the real and imagined can morph into one another, lending her paintings a magical, cinematic quality also seen in her animations and performance. Flock depicts a grouping of large pink birds Jiang witnessed in flight during her residency in Roswell, elegantly flying across the rose-hued sunset sky. A similar work, Pelican, was purchased by the Dallas Museum of Art during the 2023 Dallas Art Fair. She sees her paintings as performance, and “the traces get left there.” Jiang received her Master of Fine Arts at Columbia University, and her exhibitions include a solo show at Christian Andersen, Copenhagen, a two-person exhibition with James J.A. Mercer at the Roswell Museum, and a group exhibition at the Today Art Museum, Beijing. Jiang was part of the Core Residency Program at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston for 2022-23.