Andie Dinkin


acrylic, gouache, ink, and charcoal on canvas
36 x 26 inches

I like to play with mundane daily life and mix it with fantasy and extravagance, ghostlike figures, and fragments of distorted reality, space, and time…There’s so much mystery in life and yet I do the same thing every day. I don’t have to conquer these mysterious moments. I can let them be as they are.

– Andie Dinkin

Inspired by artists like Florine Stettheimer, Leonora Carrington, Marcel Dzama, and Hieronymus Bosch, Andie Dinkin creates a similar outlandishness in her complex scenes of picnics, parties, dancing, and social life. Here, Dionysus’s Theater Night in The Forest blends the strange and otherworldly—such as an enormous dead bird, a diminutive Dionysus drinking wine against the tree, and a nude woman carrying a fish—with the everyday romantic, seen in the couple kissing while enjoying a meal. “I don’t plan my paintings; if you’re listening, the painting will tell you where to go,” says Dinkin. Her work is on permanent view at Gigi’s in Hollywood and at The Carlyle in New York City. Dinkin had her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at Half Gallery and was featured in the group show, A Crack in Overton’s Window, at The Ranch in Montauk.