Claire Colette


acrylic, resin incense, flower essences, and molding paste on canvas
46 x 56 inches

Planes of consciousness, the sublime, deep time, math, and esotericism are all recurring themes. I’m interested in systems, boundaries, order—such as the idea of a universal order, systems in nature, a game with a set of rules, etc.—and the infinite possibilities that can occur. – Claire Colette

Order and systems combine with a suggestion of the natural world in Claire Colette’s muted yet vibrating paintings. Colette combines ash, salt, resin incense, cedar, dried flowers, iodine, and blood with pigments, acrylic, and modeling paste for this body of work. Her plaid works, recalling the grid of geometric modernism, repeat patterns and symbols in order to construct their own formal language, at the same time ancient and contemporary. Colette’s palette is inspired by dawn and dusk and their stray beams of light and shadow. Born in Reims, France, Colette has participated in artist residencies at School of Visual Arts, New York and Southern Exposure, San Francisco. Most recently, her work has been featured in solo and two-person presentations at Harper’s, Los Angeles and New York; Ochi Gallery, Ketchum; Ochi Projects, Los Angeles; Johansson Projects, Oakland; and Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angeles. Her work is included in the collection of the de Young Museum, San Francisco.