Mia Enell


acrylic on canvas
39 x 48 inches

I often wake up late at night with clear visions or words that later develop into a painting. At times the work is automatic. The paintings are distilled and simplified, but open up if you spend time with them. When finished they take on a bold presence, a “oneness.” – Mia Enell

Connection and disconnection filter into the paintings and drawings of Mia Enell. Her works have an impulsive quality, capturing thoughts or scenarios in an economy of shape and color presented flat on the canvas. Instantly familiar, her work defies simple readings through sly shifts in the subject or perspective. Here, the abstract spiral in Enell’s work mimics a racetrack, moving into the center, a snail’s shell, or the spiraling logo of the film Vertigo. Arrows move the eye inward, terminating after numerous loops around the piece. Enell’s works have been exhibited internationally, including at Drawing Biennial, Drawing Room, London; Kulturhuset, Stockholm; The New York Public Library; Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle; Centre Régional d’Art Contemporain, Sète; and the Independent Center for Art & Photography, Paris.