Rafa Macarrón


mixed media on linen
72 x 116 1/2 inches

Spanish artist Rafa Macarrón’s figurative paintings show the influence of both Cubism and Pop. The girls depicted in his recent works have cartoonish faces and bodies, and the color palette is bright and playful. Yet, the figures twist and distort in space in strange ways, seen here in the multiplying, mouth-like fingers and in eyes that orbit around their heads. As in many of his works, the distortion and frenetic energy of his compositions ultimately lend a tender vulnerability to his subjects – in this case, a group of awkward girls who are all gangly limbs with purses in hand, heading out into the rain. Macarrón lives and works in Madrid and has exhibited at CAC, Málaga; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Alicante; Museo DA2, Salamanca; and his work is collected by institutions worldwide, including the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York; Fundación BMW; Caja Campo, Valladolid; and Colección Mercadona, among others.