Hiejin Yoo


oil on linen
36 x 34 inches

My work is based on daily observations that I record first in diary form and then translate into large, semi-figurative oil paintings on canvas. Mundane events and everyday moments are depicted with large abstracted planes of color and bold, layered marks that evoke the subjectivity of my inner life. – Hiejin Yoo

Either running a comb through blades of grass, knitting forest trees together, or taking aim at the moon, the bold outlined hands in Hiejin Yoo’s work enact surreal situations on their surrounding environment. Dreamy and abstract, Yoo fills the hands with layered washes of paint found in the landscape, further blurring the distinction between their actions and the setting. Here, a bow and arrow divide the scene between a tree-lined starry sky and neon ocean sunset. The world appears to obey the manipulation of her magical hands. Born in Germany, Yoo lives in Los Angeles, and has exhibited throughout the US and Europe. Her work can be found in the public collections of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami; the Pérez Collection, Miami; the High Museum of Art, Atlanta; and the Xiao Museum, Rizhao.