Joseph Yaeger


watercolor on gessoed linen
59 1/8 x 43 1/4 inches

The imagery I use is a protracted search to better understand myself; playing or putting on roles that might clarify an interior that is sort of naturally hidden, even from myself. I’ll come across an image – sometimes I’m searching for one, sometimes I stumble into it – and the feeling of it, the arrangement, the subject, the relation of subjects within the image, will sort of jar me, attract me, dislodge me. – Joseph Yaeger

Cinematic and intensely psychological, Joseph Yaeger’s paintings draw on the power still images possess to convey more than just the moment they depict. Yaeger developed his process of painting watercolor on gessoed linen by accident, though its effect conveys the looseness and speed of the flickering, cinematic images he represents. Knowing Is a Weak State shows a woman looking to the side –  a quiet, reflective pose – with hands clasped in front, fraught with emotion. Her hair takes up most of the composition suggesting that she is hiding from the outside world as she reckons with the situation a hand. Yaeger’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, the US, and Asia.