Cristina Canale


fabric and oil on linen
43 3/4 x 39 3/8 inches

In this series of portraits I refer directly to the classical iconographic dynamics in the formation of a portrait: a centralized figure, a neutral, contained action, an intention to freeze a moment, immortality. I am more interested in representing a portrait, in the form of representation of portraiture, than in representing a figure, a face. In this sense, the anatomical features are only of interest in as much as they exert a function or emphasize a certain element of the painting. I am more interested in the essence of a portrait than in portraying a person, just like in landscape, where I am more interested in the form of the elements shaping the landscape than in depicting a specific place. – Cristina Canale

A prominent figure in the Brazilian art world, Cristina Canale rose to fame as part of the iconic group of Rio de Janeiro artists known as Generation 80s. Her bright paintings show influences of Chagall, Matisse, and German Neo-Expressionism, demonstrating her break with the geometric art of 1960s and 70s Brazil. In the mid-1990s she moved to Germany to attend Düsseldorf Academy of Art under conceptual artist Jan Dibbets. Currently based in Berlin, Canale is widely exhibited and collected in South America and Europe.