Anna Membrino


acrylic and oil on canvas
65 x 62 inches

Light and nature are the main sources of inspiration in my work. I’m interested in the power of light to create a sense of time and familiarity. – Anna Membrino

Dallas artist Anna Membrino grounds her abstract landscapes with natural objects – stones, wood, plants, and seashells – inviting viewers to see these familiar forms as their surrogates within the abstract scene. In Foothill, overt nods to abstraction, like the pink-purple gradations and flat red planes of color on the left, recede behind realistically rendered columns illuminated with naturalistic lighting. Her mixture of still life and abstraction recalls Surrealist dreamscapes, like the work of Giorgio de Chirico, though her use of color maintains a romantic richness and warmth that have become a signature of Membrino’s paintings. Membrino has exhibited in Texas and California, and her work was recently acquired by the Dallas Museum of Art.