József Csató


acrylic, oil, and ink on canvas
37 x 45 inches

The biomorphic shapes in Hungarian painter József Csató’s works are cast as characters or set pieces for the artist’s imaginary worlds. Basing his painting on line drawings in his sketch books, Csató layers and scrapes a pale rainbow of acrylic, oil paint, and ink across the surface in order to define his forms from the background. Several faces and animals appear within the curving, Miro-like lines of Check My Mood, including the expressive eyes in the center that (when paired with the title) become a moody stand-in for the artist. Csató’s work has been exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions across Europe including Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, and Copenhagen. His works can be found in Hungarian and international private and institutional collections.