Lynne Woods Turner

UNTITLED (#9069)

oil on linen over panel
12 x 12 inches

Delicate, yet rigorous, Lynne Woods Turner’s work possesses a tranquil, barely-there quality. Characteristic of her drawings, the shapes in Untitled (#9069) recall a diagram or design pattern, but also play with the role of geometry in conveying a three-dimensional form in the two-dimensional realm. This simple composition of lines bend and fold space in a back-and-forth rhythm. Her choice of soft colors, textural paper, and vibrating lines are a testament to a uniquely human touch that comes through in an otherwise straightforward work. Turner has work in the collections of a number of public institutions, including the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge; MoMA, New York; the San Diego Museum of Art; Seattle Arts Commission; the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; and the Yale University Museum, New Haven.