Vivian Suter


mixed media on canvas
93 1/2 x 72 inches

This work may be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientation

For decades, Argentine-Swiss artist Vivian Suter has pursued a painting practice that eschews traditional material and display conventions. She has lived and worked in the Guatemalan rainforest for more than 30 years, and her inspiration comes from her experience of natural forces and occurrences like rainstorms, wind, animal life, and the movement of the sun, seen here in this untitled work. Suter’s work feels as if it comes from a primal need to paint in response to a direct connection to nature. Her works may be hung in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, and they are unstretched and undated, evidence of the work’s immediacy and interconnectedness which is undifferentiated through divisions of time. Solo exhibitions of Suter’s work have been held at numerous international institutions, including The Power Plant, Toronto; the Art Institute of Chicago; Jewish Museum, New York; Kunsthalle Basel; and Kunstmuseum Olten.