Elliott Puckette


gesso, kaolin, and ink on wooden panel
24 x 18 inches

It was always the line. I was completely compelled by the line from the get-go. It had more possibilities than form or shape or color. – Elliott Puckette

New York-based artist Elliott Puckette has dedicated much of her career to one of the most elemental art subjects: line. Be they calligraphic, lyrical, comical, or rhythmic, her intricate lines meander across minimal fields of color with surprisingly expressive results. In recent works, the line is formed through a subtractive, physical process where the artist etches into a ground prepared with gesso and kaolin washed with ink. The result is a hovering, absent line, evidence of the artist’s hand moving through the field of color. Puckette’s works are included in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum, New York; the New York Public Library; the Fogg Museum, Cambridge; and the Huntsville Museum of Art.