Barry X Ball


translucent "wounded" Mexican onyx
68 x 33 x 33 inches

In a career that spans 30 years, Barry X Ball has embraced and redefined the traditions of figurative sculpture. His technical methods range from contemporary (ie: 3D digital scanning, virtual modeling, rapid prototyping, and computer-controlled milling) to traditional (ie: hand carving and polishing). To make his recent works, Ball 3D scans historical sculptures and then uses a computer controlled machine to carve the stone work. He then polishes areas by hand, though he leaves some computer-carved ridges visible to offer evidence of the technology-driven process. Sacristan is based on an early Medardo Rosso sculpture Sagrestano (Scaccino), 1883, and is part of a larger body of work based on Rosso’s Impressionistic figurative works. Ball is known for his choice of exotic stone, and has said of his material choice, “The stone is asserting itself, strongly.” As a dialogue between the figurative form and the color and texture of the stone, the work exudes a compelling, surreal presence. Ball is represented in many public and private collections. A retrospective exhibition of his work was recently shown at the Villa Panza in Varese, Italy. Ball’s monumental Pietà and Pseudogroup of Giuseppe Panza were being featured concurrently at the Castello Sforzesco Museum of Ancient Art in Milano. Among his upcoming museum exhibitions are solo shows at the Contemporary Austin and Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art, Venice.