Celia Eberle


carved bone
20 x 28 x 4 inches

Celia Eberle’s evocative choice of sculptural materials infuse her works with a quiet power. She often explores the relationship between mankind and the natural world, and the tone of her work shifts back and forth from innocent and childlike to sinister and macabre, at times all in a single work. In Meditation, a grouping of honeycomb forms are carved from bone. The multiplying, cellular structure of both the subject matter and the material relate, though there is something slightly disturbing about the dead creature’s bone being used to portray an insect’s home. Like much of her work, the piece exists as an unsettlingly beautiful reflection on mortality and the passage of time. Eberle has exhibited extensively throughout the US. She was awarded the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant in 2015. In 2014, Eberle’s mid-career retrospective, In the Garden of Ozymandias, debuted at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.