Ted Lawson


mdf, aluminum, and lacquer
65 x 39 inches

To encounter a labyrinth is to be gripped with an overwhelming desire to navigate it. – Ted Lawson

To make his Labyrinth works, Ted Lawson has developed an algorithm that controls a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mill which carves the work out of a sheet of MDF. As abstract paintings, Lawson’s work poses a number of interesting commentaries. Using a machine controlled by a computer language (ultimately written by the artist) is perhaps the most contemporary means for making an art object one could imagine. And the maze as the subject of an abstract work exists as an apt metaphor, and optical event, for the visual experience of being in front of a work of art. Lawson’s work deftly incorporates up-to-the-minute processes with the history of abstract painting to continue the conversation around abstraction as a reflection of human expression. Lawson’s work has been shown at galleries in the US, Canada, and the UK.