Jeff Elrod


inkjet, acrylic, spray paint, and solvent on linen
74 x 52 inches

I use automatic drawing as a device to make images with, but I’m a formalist painter. It’s always about the form, the composition. My task is to get the painting off the screen and onto the canvas. – Jeff Elrod

Combining digital and conventional drawing methods, Jeff Elrod builds on painting’s engagement with technology in relation to the handmade mark. His process is a layered mediation, starting with Photoshop and his mouse as primary tools to create a range of intuitive lines, scribbles, and gestures, only to be transformed again by projecting these computer-program-derived images on canvas to paint them. Here, Elrod builds upon a typical Photoshop template/ground with an array of robust paint strokes, thin meandering lines, and spray paint marks. The result is expressionistic, a formal hybrid of the digital and handmade. Elrod has exhibited at numerous major institutions including MoMA PS1, Long Island City; Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; and the Whitney Museum, New York.