Scott Reeder


acrylic and enamel on canvas
56 x 44 inches

My work almost always starts with language. The pasta paintings came from me writing “pasta paintings” and then figuring out how to make a mark with pasta. – Scott Reeder

Absurd and punchy, Scott Reeder’s conceptual approach to art-making takes on some of art history’s most celebrated traditions. To create his Pasta Paintings, Reeder sprays paint on canvases covered in noodles. The result is an allover composition, dynamic and geometric, and certainly in line with any work from the first half of the 20th century. Reeder’s playful takedown — using food instead of a brush — pokes fun at heroic abstract painters from the past, while also slyly adding to the lineage they birthed by creating a genuinely beautiful, layered composition. Reeder’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions throughout America and Europe and has been included in group exhibitions at numerous museums and galleries.